In March we shared Beyond Mastership for the first time here in Spain with fantastic feedback along with some ideas for improving the class.   We went back to work on the manuals, removing superfluous stuff and editing the remainder to clarify things and present everything to the best of our ability.

On 10 June we started our travels by driving north through Spain to La Escorial where we visited the monastery and palace built by Phillip II of Spain (you know, Bloody Mary’s husband – and yes, I am a history buff).   We spent the night in a nearby village and drove on to Santander in time for the ferry to the UK.

It was the most appalling crossing with really high seas which had us both a bit uncomfortable (actually in Glen’s case, that is a major understatement.   He decided to eat a yoghurt that hadn’t been in the fridge and suffered for it) and arrived in the UK on the evening of 12 June.   We had a day with family before the BCMA Annual General Meeting and General Council Meeting – and yes, I’m Deputy Chair for another year.

On 15 June we flew to San Francisco where we had a few days of sight seeing before going on to Spokane and Newport WA where we presented the first Beyond Mastership in the USA.   It was a great class and we were truly sad to have to say farewell to the class participants.

We had an interesting experience in Spokane at the Compass Rose offices – if you are ever in Spokane we highly recommend visiting Stacia and her team and enjoying the experience of either the Atlantean or Lemurian Rooms.

We were really sad to leave Spokane and all the wonderful people we had met.   Our next destination was Houston where we presented Beyond Mastership to another group of fantastic people – once again we were sad to see the end of the class and certainly didn’t want to say goodbye to the people who had attended.   We spent a few extra days in Houston before flying back to the UK.

Once back in England, Glen and I were both ill – we must have picked up a bug on the flight.   I recovered in time for the Glastonbury Beyond Mastership class, but Glen wasn’t so lucky.   The Glastonbury class was another wonderful experience for us – really sad to see the end of the class.

And finally back home here to Spain on 19 July.   All in all a fabulous trip which we really enjoyed.   Equally lovely was getting back home to our pets, Lu the cat and Merle the parrot.   We were lucky because even the weather was working in our favour – it wasn’t too hot, temperatures were in the mid 20’s and we had a chance to acclimatize before it really got hot.

We are home for a few weeks before going to the Netherlands to present an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Retreat – if you are already a  master and you feel like immersing yourself in six days of Angelic Reiki, please let me know?   I am offering the full retreat as a resit for £150 and if you have already done 1&2 and would like to do 3&4 please let me know?   I have a few spaces available.   You could combine the class with a few days of R&R in the Netherlands.   Oegstgeest is a suburb of Leiden and close to Amsterdam.

Once back from the Netherlands, we’ll be working on some fantastic new things for you for next year, so do watch this space.