I have been sharing information on the Seven Rays, using the Seven Sacred Flames Card Deck, on my Facebook page.   My research constantly throws up a feminine counterpart for each of the Archangels.   I find this rather off putting to be frank.   Angels (and Archangels) are androgenous – in fact, that is even stretching it, I feel.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we tend to classify and quantify everything.   We describe Archangel Michael as masculine, Archangel Gabriel as feminine and so on.   If Archangel Gabriel is feminine, then why would she need a feminine counterpart?

These great Beings that honour us by answering our calls are not anthropomorphic beings at all.   They are huge energy Beings – a Principality Angel is around 126 feet tall and a Throne Angel around 170 feet.    And we presume to give them humanoid bodies and gender?   We are better off thinking of them as the Architects and Builders of the Universe.