As we travel along the spiritual path, we sometimes forget the basics, things like grounding.   We assume that because we routinely ensure that we are grounded almost as part of our being, we forget that sometimes the people we work with are not familiar with the term and often don’t know what we are talking about when we use the word “grounding”.

So why do we need to be grounded and how do we do “grounding”?   And how to tell when someone is ungrounded?

We need to be grounded, in other words, to be properly rooted to the earth, able to be present in the here and now, not spending our time in dimensions other than this one, as many highly intuitive people prefer to do.    Remember, the more grounded you are, the “higher” or deeper you will be able to reach into the spiritual realms to bring your experiences back and to remember them.

Symptoms of being ungrounded include being unable to stop daydreaming for long periods of time, being oversensitive to light and noise, feeling dizzy and light headed, having heart palpitations when there is no medical reason for this, feeling nauseous, unable to manifest ones dreams and procrastinating, falling asleep when meditating, being forgetful and accident-prone.

Grounding yourself is simple – just imagine roots growing from your base chakra and the soles of each of your feet, going deep down into the centre of the earth.   You will feel much more connected to the earth – you will be grounded.   Walking bare foot on the earth is another way to ground yourself and stay grounded by doing physical things, walking in nature, sport, gardening.