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I offer Intuitive Tarot readings which empower you by guiding you to make changes with confidence.   My readings enable you to clarify relationships and make you aware of challenges which you may face in the future.   The cards connect you with healing energies allowing you to heal and feel more at peace with yourself.

During difficult times regular intuitive tarot readings can provide guidance allowing you to face  any challenges with confidence.

I ask you to choose the focus for your intuitive tarot reading.   Your focus can be on work, relationships, personal or spiritual development or more specific questions can be answered.   You will have an opportunity to ask more questions to allow the content of the reading to deepen providing you with even more information.   There are times when you need to gain some clarity and insight into your life circumstances and a reading may be just what is required.

I offer intuitive tarot readings via Skype and telephone.    To make an appointment please email to arrange a convenient time.   For Skype and telephone readings please make your payment within 24 hours to secure your booking.

Distance readings are also available – please send your questions or the aspect of your life you wish me to focus on together with your date of birth by email

All readings are recorded and are available as an MP3 download at no additional charge.   Each reading is 30 minutes to an hour.

The charge for all the above readings is £45.00.      .

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Taster Readings

A single question reading of three cards with psychic impressions is available by e-mail at £15.00.   Please use the link below and include your question in the “comments” with your payment by PayPal.

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Readings should be considered for entertainment purposes only.   Over 18s only.   Interpretation is entirely the client’s responsibility.   Medical diagnosis is prohibited.