Personal and Spiritual Mentoring

One-to-One Personal and Spiritual Mentoring Sessions by Skype or telephone


Message for personal spiritual mentoring

Consider a programme of personal spiritual mentoring if:

  • Life has lost its meaning
  • You find that, regardless of how hard you work or how much you seem to want something, you just don’t seem to be moving forwards?
  • You feel as though you are on a treadmill going nowhere
  • You feel that you should be able to move past it, but you just can’t find the way.
  • You feel that you are stagnating spiritually – you feel stuck in procrastination or you are repelling money or you seem to be in a negative cycle.

If you find yourself confused, focused on the past, grieving, in relationship trauma or simply wanting to gain greater clarity about your direction, now is the time to take a positive step by engaging in personal spiritual mentoring.

I offer consultations and mentoring packages tailor made to suit you.   Sessions are as individual as you are.

To prepare for your consultation, you complete an in depth history with an overview of your circumstances, what issue(s) currently needs addressing and what you wish to achieve from our discussion.    Once we have scheduled an appointment, I will review your information and prepare for your consultation.

During our discussion I will work with you to discover in greater detail the best approach for you to resolve the issues you have shared.

Together we will create an action plan that you could follow for the next 30 days to ensure that any resolutions you make are embodied in your mind / body system.

Many clients find, like peeling an onion, that other issues begin to surface.   This is absolutely normal and it is essential that you continue to resolve these surfacing issues.   Otherwise, in many instances, people tend to relapse into old habits.

I therefore recommend that if you find the first session beneficial, and before the expiry of the 30 days, you consider one of my comprehensive packages.